Conference format during the corona pandemic

The global corona crisis continues to create both personal and professional uncertainty for academics around the world. For many scholars, planning a conference attendance under the present circumstances may seem a daunting task. Nevertheless, the organizers would like to encourage all interested scholars to propose their paper ideas.

We are preparing different options to facilitate a lively academic dialogue, even if the situation requires that our personal interactions be restricted. We still hope that by May next year, the spread of the coronavirus will have abated enough so that everybody, including international speakers, will be able to travel to Oldenburg safely and comfortably. The organizers will ensure that the conference program will strictly conform to public health guidelines, which may involve moving the conference to a different venue and scaling back some of the social aspects of the normal conference program.

If presenters find that they cannot participate in person – for instance because of travel restrictions or because of increased personal risk – we will enable them to deliver their papers through videoconferencing and to participate in the academic program remotely.

If the situation develops so that convening the conference in person presents an unreasonable risk to our participants, we will move the entire event online. While such a format cannot replicate the personal interactions and the collegial atmosphere that characterize GAPS conferences, we do hope that we will have a productive exchange of ideas whatever form the conference will take.

Our plans to publish an edited volume based on conference contributions will proceed in either case.